In the news


  1. Reviver™ Engages Sacramento Communications Agency Runyon Saltzman, Inc. to Boost PR Communications Effort Statewide

  2. Reviver™ and Susan G. Komen Agree to Sell Specialty Digital License Plates to Help Fund the Fight Against Breast Cancer

  3. Reviver™ RplateTM Digital License Plates to be Sold to Alumni and Supporters of Arizona State University

  4. Reviver™ to Support Arizona Educational Initiatives Through Rplate™ sales in Partnership with Madison Educational Foundation

  5. Reviver™Announces Florida Has Filed Legislation Authorizing its Digital License Plates

  6. Reviver™ Digital License Plates Now Installed at Best Buy stores Nationwide

  7. Black Star Fund Adds Reviver to Portfolio, Bringing Investment Capital and Strategic Guidance

  8. Reviver™ Enters into Agreement with SEED Tech, LLC to Sell Digital License Plates in Dubai and Other Countries

  9. Reviver™ and Hansel Auto Group Announce Strategic Alliance to Sell Digital License Plates in Northern California

  10. Reviver™ Launches Battery Powered, Easily Installable Version of its Rplate™ Digital License Plate