A partnership for profitability.

In the spirit of a true partnership, Reviver’s Dealer program provides a pathway to increased profitability through an ongoing revenue stream. Where accessory-sales programs typically involve a single transaction, Reviver’s revenue-sharing program is tied to the entire vehicle-ownership lifecycle. Profits from initial plate sales are shared and a portion of the monthly connection fee to our national 4G network provides an incremental revenue stream. Our program is as unique and rewarding as the Rplate®.

Dealership Benefits-at-a-Glance

  • Enhanced Profitability

    Profit margin from each Rplate sale

  • Recurring Revenue Stream

    Participation in monthly connection fee resulting in compounding revenue stream

  • Dealer Differentiator

    The Rplate is a significant differentiator. It’s the ultimate accessory item. The moment prospects see the Rplate on a vehicle on your showroom floor, the sales discussion is ignited!

Rplate™ Customer Benefits-at-a-Glance

In addition to looking amazing, here is a quick summary of great reasons your customers will want to own Reviver’s RplateTM:

  • Digital Registration Renewal

    Complete compliance in the palm of your customer’s hand eliminates the need for DMV visits. They simply renew vehicle registration using the Reviver app on their smartphone. Two quick clicks and they’re done - the Rplate updates itself.

  • Plate Personalization

    The Rplate provides the ability to add custom messaging by the vehicle owner. DMV preapproved banner messages appear below the license plate number (i.e., My Rplate Rocks!) Unique messages can be submitted to Reviver for approval. Additionally, they can change background colors – it’s all managed through the app for cool experience and an even cooler look on their brand

  • Lifetime Warranty and Insurance Policy Included

    Your customers are covered! The Rplate comes with a lifetime warranty which covers manufacturing defects. Plus, there is 5-year coverage for replacement of a damaged or destroyed Rplate with a $100 deductible.

The future looks bright. With even more exciting features to come, the Rplate will only get more exciting, and deliver greater value to your customers.

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