Digital license plates are Californian.

Californians are known to be early adopters of emerging innovative technologies. From smart home devices to wearable tech, we welcome new opportunities to automate and integrate as many parts of our lives as possible, enabling us to spend less time on mundane tasks and connect more easily with others. Our cars are no exception. In the past few years, the driver’s experience has improved leaps and bounds with the addition of Bluetooth features, voice assistants, touchscreens, cameras, safety features and mobile integration. A new smart feature is coming to cars once again, but this time it can be found on the outside of the vehicle - and it is uniquely Californian.

Improved compliance, convenience, innovation, and aesthetics.

Tech startup Reviver invented the world’s first digital license plate here in California. Called the Rplate™, this innovation is already streamlining how drivers and vehicle fleet owners manage their vehicle registrations. Registration and renewals can be completed with just two taps in an app, and new digital tags automatically appear on the digital license plate instantly. This eliminates the need for vehicle owners to stand in line at the DMV and for renewal notices and tags to be sent through the mail. Digital plates also offer anti-theft and recovery features for those who opt in.

AB 984: Digital License Plates for Every Californian

A proposed bill making its way through the California legislature seeks to expand a current pilot program and allow all vehicle owners to utilize devices like the Rplate™ as alternatives to conventional license plates, stickers, tabs and registration cards issued by the California DMV. Approximately 10,000 California drivers have already purchased Rplates™ as part of the pilot program that has demonstrated digital license plates are efficient and effective. If passed, AB 984 (Rivas) would make the option to use digital license plates available to all California drivers who want one.

AB 984 has passed out of the state assembly appropriations committee and will move into the senate in the coming weeks. For updates, follow @RplatebyReviver on Twitter.

Benefits to drivers include

“My Rplate extends the technical footprint of my vehicle. Registration renewal is now just two quick clicks on my smart phone.” - David Alferez, Pasadena, CA

  • Quick and simple vehicle registration renewal through an app and automatic update of digital tags on the plate upon renewal.

  • Optional trip tracking and theft prevention features, locate a parked car in a outdoor parking area.

  • Customization options for self-expression

Benefits to business owners that manage fleets

“Reviver’s Rplate lets us seamlessly manage compliance. We can execute digital registration renewal, better manage and forecast expenses, and save time without the use of paper.” - Brendan Wiggins, PepsiCo Business Customer

  • Ability to apply digital vehicle registration and renewal stickers to an entire fleet

  • Programmable automated alerts for preventative maintenance milestones

  • Can be used to track and recover lost or stolen vehicles

  • Ability to monitor all vehicles in a fleet, segments of a fleet or a single vehicle

Benefits to the DMV

"The Digital License Plate is a huge step forward in a product that hasn’t seen this much innovation since its inception. The potential efficiencies are significant.”- Eric  Jorgensen, Director, AZ DOT MVA Partner

  • Reduced traffic in field offices

  • Reduced administrative costs due to fewer mailings and stickers printed

  • Assured compliance with vehicle registration requirements

  • Fewer expired registrations due to missed or forgotten renewal letters

Watch what we do next.

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