Your Q’s | R-Answers: February 4, 2021

February 5, 2021

R-Story | February 4, 2021, Live Stream Follow Up: 

We held our first live stream via Instagram on February 4th.  We introduced the company and discussed our product’s current capabilities and future objectives.  We explained our technology, the value of our platform, the ecosystem it enables, and the challenges of deploying our plates in new states and countries.

Your feedback and questions were invaluable, but we couldn’t answer all the questions during the live stream. This blog addresses all unanswered questions.

We’ll be live-streaming on various social media platforms to reach anyone interested in Reviver’s products and services.  We appreciate your participation and look forward to your involvement as we keep the conversation going.

Your Q’s | R-Answers:

Q: If I have a Rplate on my car, can I drive into Canada or Mexico legally?

A: Yes. Driving through an area with a digital license plate is no different than driving with a regular metal plate.  However, if you move to a state or country that doesn’t allow digital license plates, you must change it to a metal license plate when you register the vehicle.

Q: When will special-interest plates be available?

A: Currently, we can replicate existing special interest plates. We’re working with states to allow users to make their own special interest plates and hope to accomplish this later in the year.

Q: When will we have logos, emojis, and images?

A: We hope to have them available for California plates late this year. We are also working towards making them available for Arizona plates.

View Recording on @Reviverauto IGTV