License to thrill.

The Rplate Pro is conspicuously cool. It’s designed to let you make a statement while keeping you informed. Rplate Pro provides all of the personalization and registration renewal features of the Rplate with the additional horsepower of telematics to track, measure, control and record driving behaviors.

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Track your car on and off the track.

Perfect for tracking and managing small business fleets, a family of drivers, or your own personal driving practices.

  • Geofencing.

    Exclusive to Rplate Pro this feature lets you establish boundaries for employees or family. Get alerts when they’ve been violated.

The most fun you can have in park.

Whether your vehicle is in the custody of a valet or in long-term parking at the airport, your Rplate Pro knows what you need to know precisely when you need to know it. A vigilant sentry, it keeps track of your vehicle’s status, alerting you to potential security issues or guiding you to its location.

Renew your registration from anywhere but in line.

Pure electronic registration and renewal is a game-changer. No trips, no lines, no paper, no stickers. No problem – just chill and keep rolling.

  • Online Vehicle Registration.

    The Rplate and Rplate Pro allow you to renew annual registration electronically – including auto payment of renewal fees.

  • Instant update.

    Your plate refreshes the renewal update through its display. Think of it as an e-sticker you never have to touch.

A dashboard for your dashboard.

  • Park Mode

    Detects vehicle motion and alerts you instantly.

  • Valet Mode

    Set boundaries to avoid valet Joy rides.

  • Stolen Mode

    Once you report your vehicle stolen, Reviver pushes an image to the plate that reads "STOLEN". Embedded GPS tracks Rplate Pro's location for police recovery.

  • Find My Car

    Large outdoor parking lots, whether at airports or other venues can make it hard to locate your vehicle. This feature makes it easy.

  • Mileage Tracking

    Whether for business or other purposes, our app makes tracking mileage a breeze.

Street legal nationwide.

Approved to sell in California and Arizona, Rplates issued in these two states are street legal for travel across the country. Reviver is working with state motor vehicle administrations nationwide and most are in various stages of adoption of the world’s first digital license plate.

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Professionally and securely installed.

The Rplate Pro requires professional installation. From Ferraris to Fords, Teslas to Toyotas and Lamborghinis to Lincolns our installation professionals have the skills and experience to execute a perfect installation every time. The Rplate Pro is wired to your vehicle’s power supply, providing a constant supply to its GPS and telematics features, as well as other functions - including its cool nighttime LED illumination effect.


Your plate. Your way.

Try our plate maker to get a feel for what your Rplate would be like - sample a few banners from our ever-expanding library while you're at it. Have fun!

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