Reverse has never been so forward looking.

The Rplate is unprecedented. As a bistable HD display, its hardened technology delivers reliable performance under severe conditions. At its core, Reviver's architecture blends seamlessly with motor vehicle administrations’ (MVA) information systems to digitize registration renewals for consumers, while providing significant efficiency advantages for MVAs. With Rplate's road-proven hardware and owner-controlled plate content, steel plates are destined to become artifacts.

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A perfectly disruptive blend.

The design behind Reviver’s system is a compliance-driven architecture firmly planted in three realms. The Rplate meets IP66 automotive performance standards and demanding consumer electronics requirements, while Reviver’s architecture integrates seamlessly with motor vehicle administration (MVA) information systems. The result is a transformative, digital identification system presented through a 2400 x 1034 UHD display that’s cleverly disguised as a license plate. Users are as excited about Rplate performance as MVAs are.


Universally connected.
Perfectly private.

A national network leveraging 4G connectivity ensures a stable connection between the Rplate and the Reviver servers enabling updates, customization, and GPS related functions. Bluetooth LE enables connection to, and control of Rplate functions through a highly intuitive UI on the app. Information privacy is ensured through a system leveraging security protocols of financial institutions at the server level. At the street level, Rplates do not contain any user data while transmissions between the Rplate and the server are encrypted, and user data is not available to skim. In your control – your data remains your data.

Hardware that’s
rock solid.

Rplates’ road-ready designs endure weather extremes and harsh driving conditions. With a lens 5X stronger than glass and a composition of fire-proof UL 94 plastics; Rplate’s performance has exceeded expectations in our own punishing tests, including exposure to temperatures of -40 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit and multiple impact and crash tests. Regardless of the severity of damage, Rplate’s display continued to hold its image. Its extreme durability allows it to thrive in almost any circumstance.

  • Waterproof

    Rplates are sealed against water intrusion to the component level. Launching or pulling a boat out of the water? Rplate and Rplate Pro are ready to submerge at your command.

  • Desert Proven

    Rplates are already on the road in Arizona looking as hot as they actually are. They thrive in the Sonoran sun.

  • Zero Freeze Factor

    California’s Sierras see serious snow. Rplates in Lake Tahoe dig out of deep snow fully functional and looking hot - even when things are seriously cool.

Made to move,
but stay put.

Our proprietary technology makes the Rplate and Rplate Pro virtually theft-proof. All data is encrypted and signed, there are no external ports, all components are sealed and motion detection sensors provide alerts to tampering. Extremely difficult to remove in the first place; if removed, their display reads "Detached" and cannot be altered. Should the unlikely happen, both plates have the ability to display “STOLEN” after discovery. Additionally, because of its telematics feature, the Rplate Pro can be tracked through the app to its location the moment the theft is realized. Try that with a metal plate.

More destinations are just ahead.

  • Roadside Assistance

    Flat tire, towing, lock your keys in your car, out of gas, need a jump? We’ll be there! Watch for it.

  • DMV Administrative Changes

    More ease-of-compliance features straight ahead, including more state MVAs adopting our platform. Stay tuned.

  • Tolling Integration

    We are engaged in a pilot program to enable plate recognition across multiple tolling authorities. Once your plate is registered through the app you can just keep cruising.

  • Vehicle Recalls and Maintenance Reminders

    Notification through the app advises you of any recalls for your vehicle, as well as providing reminders regarding when various service intervals are approaching.

  • Motorcycle Rplates

    Still in early development, motorcycle Rplates have a unique form factor and demand unique properties. Watch for updates down the road.

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