Neville Boston, Founder & CSO

“The metal license plate is a 19th century feature of 21st century vehicles. In it we see untapped opportunities for motor vehicle administrations (MVA) and vehicle owners. First, our platform’s ability to digitize the registration renewal process is a game changer for MVAs with cost benefits.

Second, the ability of our platform to deliver greater utility, convenience and innovation to vehicle owners is unprecedented. There are also opportunities to leverage the disparate data points our platform collects to help evolve travel infrastructure, to make travel safer and smarter as we influence not just vehicles, but the journey connected vehicles will take.”

Robert Wood, President & CEO

“We are drivers of innovation in technology and product development while we advocate legislative change to enable the adoption of connected vehicles. We do this through an intelligent solution that brings value to MVAs and lets vehicle owners manage licensing and operational aspects of their vehicle through a highly intuitive app.

As connected vehicles continue to evolve, Reviver will play a catalyzing role in meeting associated compliance requirements, and we will continue to innovate to provide our customers with compliance, convenience and unexpected Rplate attributes.”

The problem.

Despite being ubiquitous, the stamped metal license plate is a remnant of a bygone era that has somehow been overlooked. Reviver works in partnership with MVAs to allow our platform to add additional efficiencies and cost reductions to the registration renewal process.

The benefits MVAs experience are also realized in a reduction of paper-based transactions associated with the registration renewal process. Similarly, the effect on consumers allows them to move away from a system that is dependent on snail mail, stickers and paper documentation requiring too many manual touch points and too many trips to motor vehicle departments.

The solution.

The ReviverTM platform enables the digitization of the registration renewal process and several other aspects of MVA compliance. It allows vehicle owners to interact with MVAs through an app that enables them to renew registration in 21st century form – from a smart phone. Renewal payment transactions take place through the app and renewal occurs over the air. Once payment has been received and acknowledged by the MVA the plate updates itself.

The digitization of the renewal process streamlines both sides of the transaction. Additionally, our Rplates allow vehicle owners a host of unique features metal plates could only dream of – assuming they could dream. Rplates are what metal plates wish they could be, as host to a variety of expressive features they allow owners to change the look of their plates display in many ways with more features just ahead on our journey.

Benefits today.

MVAs across the US are in various stages of adoption of the Reviver platform. Without any capital investment our platform digitizes registration renewal for them; reducing transaction touchpoints, eliminating large amounts of paper documents, recording compliance requirements and providing a digital accounting trail.  Rplate owners are enjoying streamlined MVA interactions and a great deal of expressive and practical benefits. Our digital plates also let owners adjust their look on the fly – personalizing them in ways a metal plate simply can’t. (Note: Benefits shown below are associated with the Rplate Pro.)

  • Geofencing

    Establishes travel boundaries for family or employees driving the owner’s vehicle. If the vehicle violates the boundaries the owner is notified through the app.

  • Park Mode

    Motion sensors in the Rplate alert you if your vehicle is bumped or possibly being tampered with.

  • Mileage Tracking

    Tracks and manages a business record for mileage deductions.

  • Find My Car

    Locate your vehicle in large outdoor parking areas.

  • Valet Parking

    Let’s you monitor your vehicle remotely through the app if a valet attendant takes your vehicle outside of a prescribed area.

  • Stolen Car

    Should a vehicle be stolen, once reported to Reviver, the plate will read “Stolen” and the car’s location will be tracked for recovery by police.