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February 19, 2021

Dealership Program Blog

Recently, we had a live stream event on Instagram discussing our partnership program with auto dealers in California and Arizona.  The program is as unique as our RplateTM and the ReviverTM platform enabling it.

Our technology platform and the digital license plates (DLP) it supports are changing the way motor vehicle administrations across the nation think about license plates and the associated compliance requirements that occur in their orbit. Our DLPs are also changing the way consumers think about their license plates. More importantly, as ecosystems of compliance our DLPs are fundamentally changing the way vehicle owners, and now automobile dealers, interact with license plates, vehicle registration and DMV’s.

RplateTM – More Than a Metal Sign for a License Number

The Reviver platform extends the technological reach of any vehicle through our proprietary smartphone app.  Through the app customers are able to control the Rplate’s appearance and expressive features. The app allows them to change the background color of the Rplate and display DMV-approved banner messages to demonstrate support of a cause, loyalty to a sports team and much more.

Dealers Enjoy a New Dimension in Accessory Sales

As an accessory item, the Rplate is unlike any accessory auto dealers are selling. Our partner dealers love the fact that it is so unique and compelling to prospects. It’s presence on an automobile quickly ignites a sales dialogue, providing a natural progression into the vehicle purchase discussion.  When it comes to an accessory that enhances the visual appeal of a vehicle while opening the sales discussion, the Rplate is in a class of its own.

The Rplate Transforms Traditional License Plates – Forever!

The most significant aspect of the Rplate is that it digitizes the registration renewal process.  Through an encrypted smartphone app connecting vehicle owners to our platform and the DMV, registration renewals happen in two quick clicks.  Once the transaction is complete the Rplate updates itself and the need for stickers simply fades into the past.  Other DMV compliance requirements can be executed through the app as well.  Essentially, the Reviver platform places the DMV in the palm of your hand 24/7/365 – no appointment necessary.

A Partnership for Profitability

In the spirit of a true partnership, Reviver’s dealership program provides a pathway to increased profitability through an ongoing revenue stream.  Where accessory-sales programs typically involve a single transaction, Reviver’s revenue-sharing program is tied to the entire vehicle-ownership lifecycle.  The partnership is as unique and rewarding as the Rplate. It’s a win-win proposition for dealers and their customers alike.

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