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We’re a group of entrepreneurs, creative thinkers and individuals dedicated to excellence in every aspect of what we do. We share a common vision and as an integrated team we gladly take on the hard tasks associated with being the first of our kind. From product development, to working with legislative groups to advocate Rplate product adoption, we all feel fortunate to have come together around this focal point of innovation. It’s a huge reward that our customers are as passionate about our Rplates as we are.

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A company as unique as its products.

Our platform is an incredibly unique and critical piece of the connected vehicle puzzle. Our Rplate solutions play in three realms: state motor vehicle administrations (MVA), the national automotive market and consumer technology products.

In each of these realms we are singular. In the MVA realm we are a disruptive force, enabling MVAs across the US to digitize the vehicle registration process through our platform to enjoy greater transactional efficiencies and significant cost reductions. Similarly, our customers are enjoying automated registration renewal, and a host of practical vehicle ownership benefits our platform makes possible.