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Excite your customers.

Accelerate your profit growth.

Benefits to Reviver Dealer Partners

Reviver’s Dealer program is a true win-win partnership, helping excite your customers and accelerate revenue growth.

New Revenue Streams
  • Significant revenue share from each plate sale
Streamlined Plate Management
  • Digital Dealer Plate
  • Digital Temporary License Plate
  • Reduced overhead of paperwork and stickers
Brand Differentiation
  • Use the RPlate as a billboard on every car with your custom logo and message
  • Position your dealership ahead of the pack with leading-edge consumer tech offering

Benefits for Your Customers

Here are just a few reasons drivers of all types love the Rplate.

In-App Registration Renewal

Vehicle registration renewal with a few clicks in the Reviver mobile app. 

Plate Visual Personalization

Ability to switch between light or dark mode and add personalized banner messages.

Safety and Telematics

*Instant alerts if vehicle moves and ability to easily report stolen through the Reviver mobile app. 

Easy Install and Maintenance

2 year manufacturer warranty with replacement insurance. Simple installation. 7/365 customer support.

Getting started is easy.

Reviver dealers receive ongoing support from a dedicated partner success team. To get started, give us a call at (866) 968-9823, or e-mail us at





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