Automated + Digitized Vehicle Compliance

DMV-integrated software platform that enables fleets to manage their vehicle compliance through a dedicated dashboard for both digital and non-digital license plates.

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Reduce Vehicle Compliance Cost by 65%

Achieve 20%-30% ROI

Reduce Vehicle Compliance Cost by 65%

RFleet your new secret weapon.

Save time. Reduce overhead. Increase accuracy.

What is RPlate?
  • Tamper-proof digital plates that enable streamlined registration, compliance and renewal.
  • Integrated telematics for vehicle tracking, geofencing, speed monitoring and theft recovery.
  • Personalized messaging, for use in branding, alerts or anti-theft measures.
What is RFleet?
  • DMV-approved digital platform with a single portal for your digital plates.
  • A user-friendly, efficiency-building dashboard for managing, tracking and optimizing fleet vehicle usage.
  • Platform features include:
    • Proactive and automated DMV-connected compliance.
    • Unified digital documentation management.
    • Vehicle location and trip monitoring with geofencing.
    • Vehicle trip and speed reports.
    • Digital toll management.
    • Compliance and service analytics measurement.
    • Stolen vehicle reporting for theft recovery.
    • 5/365 customer support.

RFleet Case Study

Discover how Reviver’s automated vehicle compliance solution can streamline your fleet’s registration renewal process by reducing it to one touchpoint.

RFleet Key Features

Batch Registration Renewal
  • Fully digital vehicle registration renewal
  • Fleet-wide registration in single transaction
  • Batch by cost center/fleet groups or other accounting needs
Integrated Fleet Monitoring (Optional)
  • Near real-time location monitoring
  • Geofencing with alerts
  • Trip, speed + mileage reports
  • RFleet dashboard integrates with 3rd party s/w platforms
Corporate Messaging,
Safety Notices & Alerts

On-Plate Display

  • Corporate branding
  • Safety messaging (stolen/detached)
  • Maintenance messaging (grounded/overdue)

RFleet Dashboard Push Alerts

  • DMV compliance alerts
    •  Smog test
    • Updated vehicle gross weight
    • insurance information, etc.
  • Upcoming registration renewal alerts
  • Geofencing alerts
  • Speeding alerts

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