Digitize and centralize fleet vehicle registration renewal. Never handle physical tags again.

Remotely manage vehicle registration for your entire commercial fleet. 

Eliminate physical tags forever.

Find out how RFleet from Reviver can streamline your fleet operations.

Save time.
Reduce overhead.

Discover RFleet, your new secret weapon.

Save time.
Reduce overhead.

Discover your new secret weapon.

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What is RFleet?
What can it do for my business?


Tamper-proof digital license plate installed on your fleet vehicles.

  • Streamlined Vehicle Registration & Compliance
  • Integrated Telematics
  • Personalized Brand Messages
RFleet Dashboard

Your single portal to manage, track, and optimize your entire fleet.

  • DMV-Approved, Future-Proofed Technology
  • Proven ROI & Efficiency Improvements
  • 7/365 Customer Support

RFleet Key Features

Batch Registration Renewal
  • Fleet-Wide Registration in Single Transaction
  • Batch by Cost Center or other Accounting Needs
  • Streamlined Compliance via Digital Tag Auto-Updating
  • Renew & Pay via Admin Dashboard
  • Real-Time Location Monitoring
  • Geofencing with Alerts
  • Trip & Mileage Tracking with Alerts
  • API Integrates Seamlessly with Existing Fleet Management Systems
Safety Notices
& Alerts
  • STOLEN Mode with GPS Tracking
  • Maintenance & Mileage Alerts
  • Upcoming Registration Renewal Alerts
  • Geofence Violation Alerts Vehicle Motion Alerts
  • Arrival & Departure Alerts

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