Reviver & SimpleCar Case Study

November 21, 2022

Reviver Case Study - How SimpleCar utilizes digital license plates for vehicle fleet compliance
SimpleCar Leverages Reviver For Compliance Needs As They Both Work To Redefine The Future Of Mobility

In late 2021, SimpleCar hit the used car market with a revolutionary method of vehicle ownership. The SimpleCar business model embodies the future of mobility by offering a unique
subscription service that provides solutions to some of the most significant pain points associated with owning a used vehicle. But when business began to grow, the auto subscription service company faced registration and compliance hang-ups that were only going to worsen with time. SimpleCar decided to utilize Reviver digital license plates as a direct solution to their registration and compliance issues, positioning them to scale their fleet with confidence and ease.

Who Is SimpleCar?

SimpleCar is a used vehicle subscription that takes care of insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, and many other necessities involved with owning a vehicle. They wrap this innovative solution into a neat monthly payment to give their customers a flexible and debt-free alternative to traditional vehicle ownership.


The Problem: The Registration Process

SimpleCar is a relatively young, fast-growing company that launched in October 2021. SimpleCar’s mission is to eliminate all pain points associated with vehicle ownership, so one of the company’s main focuses has been to proactively solve issues that could become far more significant as business grows. They began to think about the future of the company and how tedious the registration process would be as they expanded their fleet. 

Since all the subscription vehicles are under SimpleCar’s name, the manual registration process would become incredibly time-consuming. They also knew sending out registration stickers and asking customers to install them on their plates was an unreliable plan and would go directly against their mission of alleviating vehicle ownership stress. SimpleCar spoke with other established fleet companies that offer “title and registration services,” but discovered their process still required considerable customer participation or extensive logistics to organize a process for tag installation.

SimpleCar simplified their registration process by integrating digital license plates for their entire fleet. These customizable, tamper-proof plates streamlined their vehicle registration and compliance processes by allowing them to manage their entire fleet in a single transaction, with the option to enable auto-renew for the future. The SimpleCar team started with only 10 plates, but quickly scaled up to 75 (the size of their entire fleet at the time) with plans to include digital plates in all future subscriptions. 

With Reviver, keeping their vehicles’ registration current and compliant is as easy as the press of a button on their computer using the intuitive admin dashboard. Additionally, they no longer need to deal with the hassle of registration stickers, as their digital plates automatically update when registration is renewed. The SimpleCar team started with only 10 plates, but quickly scaled up to 75 (the size of their entire fleet at the time) with plans to include digital plates in all future subscriptions.

The Results

SimpleCar is now prepared to scale their company with the newfound confidence that they
can handle increasing the size of their fleet and registrations. SimpleCar also improved their
bottom line by eliminating the need to hire additional staff to handle registration processing.

Reviver RFleet can help efficiently manage the registration and compliance processes for all
the vehicles in your fleet with our DMV-approved, future-proofed technology. We work
collaboratively with various partners throughout the automotive ecosystem to help create a
better and more modernized experience for drivers, DMVs, highway patrols, dealerships, and
commercial fleet businesses. Reviver digital license plates also include integrated telematics
and personalized brand messaging. We are also always adding new and exciting features to
our platform that make fleet management and vehicle ownership easier and safer. Contact us
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