Stay Ahead of Fleet Vehicle Compliance with Proactive Alerts

January 11, 2024

Digital license plates have many advantages over their metal predecessors, from geo-fencing to custom messaging. But one benefit stands out above all others regarding efficient value for fleet owners: easy, remote registration renewal.

Proactive alerts add extra effectiveness to this process. Rather than dealing with renewals as they arise, fleet managers can see them well in advance, leaving them plenty of time to handle any unexpected complications in stride.

With these advance warnings about upcoming renewals, it’s now easier than ever to keep the whole fleet in compliance and on the road, with no costly interruptions or delays, and every necessary action for the whole fleet is visible through a convenient, centralized dashboard.

Why is Effective Registration Renewal Important?

Registration renewal can become a stumbling block in running an efficient fleet. After all, if a vehicle’s registration lapses, it has to come off the road — that’s wasted time and therefore lost revenue for the business. Getting an efficient registration renewal workflow in place is the best way to avoid this potential hitch.

Fleet administrators with advanced knowledge of their registration and compliance requirements can plan ahead, which is especially important if they know their vehicles need extra preparation. This could mean taking updated emissions tests or squaring away documentation around the vehicle’s weight or emissions status.

Dealing with all of these issues at the last moment can be a stressful experience and lead to disappointment if and when vehicles don’t pass their tests on the first attempt. The ideal process involves ample warning about upcoming deadlines, and the surest way to get that warning is through the company’s fleet management system.

How Do Proactive Alerts Work?

The proactive alert feature added to Reviver’s RFleet fleet management platform allows fleet managers to get the kind of advance warning that will allow them to step up their registration planning. These configurable automatic alerts provide a convenient way to keep vehicles in compliance.

With the alerts coming up to 75 days before registration deadlines, fleet administrators have time to arrange all necessary processes to get their vehicles approved and renewed. This may mean scheduling tests, including the upcoming CARB diesel test. There could also be a need to update the vehicle’s registered address, verify its gross weight, or apply for proof of insurance.

Knowing what’s needed with over two months of lead time is a major benefit for smooth fleet operations. With fewer hours in the day spent reacting to sudden surprises on the compliance front, fleet managers can think more strategically and focus on the big picture.

With advance notification, fleets can take advantage of:

  • Efficient planning: Scheduling emissions tests, weight updates, and insurance documentation refreshes well in advance can help fleet managers avoid last-minute hiccups in these processes. Having this advance warning also allows them to get the vehicles where they need to be for any extra actions,  without taking them out of service on short notice.
  • Minimal downtime: Getting all testing and document submission out of the way early gives fleets the best possible chance of avoiding downtime altogether. Having to pull vehicles off the road due to lapsed registration is a waste of potentially valuable hours for the company.
  • Reduced compliance risks: In addition to downtime, other consequences can come with compliance issues. For instance, if a fleet owner doesn’t realize a vehicle’s registration has lapsed, the result could be fines and penalties for missing the renewal deadline.

The difference is between being proactive and being reactive. When companies can achieve the former, they’re better equipped to deal with registration on a schedule that makes sense for them. The 75-day window leaves plenty of time to comply, even if the unexpected occurs. A purely reactive business may find itself constantly scrambling, with minimal margin for error.

The Value of Digital Fleet Management

Proactive registration alerts are just one of the features on the RFleet dashboard. The one-click renewal process for digital license plates is in itself a massive time-saver for organizations that no longer have to make frequent DMV trips. Add in sortable fleet vehicle tracking, geofencing, and more, and the value of digital fleet management becomes evident.

The RFleet dashboard is the primary way to interact with Reviver’s cutting-edge digital license plates. It allows fleets to customize their messaging, renew remotely, and track their vehicles without added transponders, among other benefits. The age of digital fleet management comes with many efficiency benefits, demonstrating how tech upgrades can have an immediate real-world competitiveness impact.

Fleets that fail to upgrade to digital management methods may be disadvantaged against their early adopter rivals. This divide reflects the numerous ways in which an infusion of technology can boost everyday processes. Proactive registration alerts are one example of this effect in action.
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