Driving Innovation Forward: An Exclusive Interview with Neville Boston, Hosted by John Stringer

April 25, 2024

Two trailblazers sat down and talked about the latest innovation in auto-tech, the RPLATE, the world’s first digital license, and how it benefits consumers.

Saturday, March 23, was Tesla Owners’ Day. A full day dedicated to Tesla owners and highlighting and celebrating innovation. Speaking of innovation, innovators attract innovators. Neville Boston, founder of Reviver, and John Stringer, founder of Tesla Owners Silicon Valley group (TOSV), shared a moment of history together! John and Neville sat down and talked about the defining moments that led to the birth of the RPLATE—the world’s first digital license plate!

Reviver was founded on March 27th, 2009. The idea came to fruition when Neville heard about his friend’s cumbersome experience at the DMV. After that conversation, Neville had an eureka moment: there has to be a more convenient way to take care of time-bound miscellaneous tasks.

Neville had an entrepreneurial background, and this moment presented a prime opportunity to seize. A friendly conversation led to the spark of Reviver, which has been making a dent in the auto-tech industry ever since.

When some people hear of a license plate, it’s natural to roll the eyes. However, when they hear of a digital license plate, it’s captivating and head-turning. That’s exactly what Reviver has been doing with the RPLATE, its flagship product.

From its origins, the RPLATE offered features such as in-app vehicle registration renewal and switching from light to dark mode. However, it has evolved and offers much more exciting, personable features that provide a sense of security.

  1. Add a banner message.* 
  2. Change banner message fonts.*
  3. Add emojis.**
  4. Has a rugged build that’s freezeproof, heatproof, and waterproof.
  5. Has tamper-proof mounting and sends alerts if RPLATE is detached or stolen.                        * Available in CA & AZ **Available in CA


Neville’s interview recap is a must-watch if you’re curious about the RPLATE. Let’s dive into

Reviver’s origin story and what lies ahead. Watch Neville’s interview here, and don’t forget to join the revolution!

If you’re interested in the RPLATE and want to give it a shot you can by subscribing. You can purchase it here if you’re gungho and ready to hit the road with an RPLATE!