Colorado Drivers: Be one of the first to get a digital license plate.

Colorado citizens are known for their adventurous spirit and free thinking. The freedoms of our vehicles and how we travel the open road are no exception.

Soon, Colorado drivers can enjoy a new level of control and expression with their own digital license plate.

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Successful Legislation

Reviver has been working closely with Colorado State Patrol and other authorities to get digital license plates on the road.

Signed by Governor Polis, House Bill 1162 allows for digital license plates to be available to Colorado consumers once rules and regulations are determined. We expect this to take place in 2024.

HB22-1162: Motor Vehicle Digital Number Plates

The bill authorizes digital license plates to be used in lieu of metal license plates if the registration number and expiration date are visible from 100 feet away in sunlight. The plates need not display more than one color, but are allowed to have messaging and other digital functionality.

The Department will consult with state patrol to adopt rules governing the use, requirements, approval process, proposals, relocation, and reporting of the plates. 

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We’re on the road to bringing digital license plates to everyone.

RPlates are currently available for purchase and DMV registration in Arizona, California, and Michigan. For drivers in these states, they are legal to drive anywhere throughout the U.S.

Explore more information about digital license plate approvals and progress nationwide.