GPS Fleet Tracking, but with a Bonus Feature

June 6, 2022

GPS Fleet tracking or telematics as it is more formally known, has become a must for fleet managers.
Fleet management means being able to track your vehicles at any given time. In our consumer-driven world, people and businesses are anxiously waiting on deliveries. Some of the anxiety around deliveries has been heightened by the supply chain issues plaguing every industry. This makes it even more critical today that you can pinpoint your driver and their cargo’s whereabouts quickly.

You might be feeling extra pressure from clients to track their shipments, or if you’re in the service industry, to let customers know when they might expect your service team at their home or office.

Fortunately, the Reviver RFleet telematic solution gives you all the tools you need to tackle those problems head-on. When you put Reviver RPlates on your fleet vehicles, you not only eliminate physical tags forever, but you also put your entire fleet under digital management that helps you better provide service to your customers. Reviver RPlates do not get stolen, either.


The Benefits of the RFleet Tracking Software

  • The ability to estimate arrival times
  • The ability to monitor any vehicle’s mileage
  • The ability to set GPS boundaries through geofencing
  • The ability to detect a stolen vehicle

Because the Reviver RFleet telematic tracking software is integrated with GPS, you can monitor every vehicle in your fleet to ensure that it stays on its route — which means closer arrival time estimates and happy customers, and, in some cases, less spoilage of cargo. Through the software, you can streamline your administrative processes by pinpointing routes, keeping drivers in their zones, and tracking stolen vehicles.


See Your Fleet at any Time

Geofencing is the ability to draw a virtual boundary within GPS coordinates. This allows you to set driver boundaries, vehicle boundaries, and eliminate drivers who do not stay within their routes. It helps you cut down on wasted time.

With geofencing, should your vehicle become stolen, the software sends you an alert that one of your vehicles has left your pre-determined parameters. At that point, you can make a stolen vehicle report which puts the digital license plate into STOLEN Mode with GPS tracking — which makes tracking the vehicle easy for you and law enforcement. That can help reduce loss due to destroyed vehicles that are dumped or involved in high-speed chases.

Fleet managers from the City of Sacramento and a bottling operation for Coca-Cola use Reviver RFleet to keep their operations running smoothly and deliveries on time.

All of your fleet information is available on a central dashboard where you can also see alerts that tell you when maintenance is due on a vehicle, when a vehicle is hitting a high mileage, or when registrations are coming due.

Bonus – Paperless Vehicle Registration

As a bonus, our digital license plates let you handle all of your registrations online. You can update your fleet’s plates easily and ensure that all of your vehicles are in compliance. Because they are digital plates, as soon as you upload the batch and complete the registration, all of the tags in the batch are automatically updated. No more going out into the heat and putting stickers on tags. It does not get any easier than that.

If you’re ready to set up GPS fleet management tracking or looking to upgrade an existing GPS Fleet tracking system, then your organization would benefit from using Reviver RFleet.

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