Introducing Font Selection for RPlate Banner Messages in Arizona & California

June 20, 2023

Elevate Your Messages with Style
The RPlate just got more personalized. We are thrilled to announce an exciting product enhancement to our RPlate digital license plates in Arizona and California. Now, in addition to the existing visual personalization features, users can further express themselves with a selection of font styles for their banner messages. Get ready to elevate your messages with style!

Express Yourself with Font Selection

We understand that every driver is unique, with different tastes and personalities. Whether you’re a rugged automotive gearhead or someone who loves adding a touch of fun to everything, we’ve got the perfect font style for you. Our new font selection feature allows you to choose from a range of options to customize your banner messages like never before.


A World of Font Styles

We’re introducing several font styles for banner messages. You can now choose from Default, Chicle Regular, Graduate, Macondo, Nanum Pen, and Oleo Script, with many more exciting options on the way! These fonts will add a touch of flair and uniqueness to your messages, ensuring that your #RPlate stands out on the road.


Share Your Style

We love seeing RPlate users express themselves and showcase their creativity. That’s why we invite you to tag us on social media using #RPlate when you feature your personalized banner messages. We’ll be selecting and sharing some of our favorite designs on our social media channels.

Now Available

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