Reviver™ Launches Customizable Fonts for the Digital License Plate

June 21, 2023 — Press Release

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – June 21, 2023 – Reviver, a technology company and developer of the digital license plate, is announcing an exciting new feature that enables enhanced personalization of its RPlate digital license plate display for users in Arizona and California.

In addition to existing personalization options such as light or dark display and customizable banner wording, drivers can now select from a set of font choices for their banner messages.

“We appreciate that every driver is unique, with varying tastes and personalities,” said Reviver Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Neville Boston. “From hardcore gearheads and enthusiasts to fun-loving creatives, the ability to now choose the banner message font offers a perfect way to match the RPlate with their individual style.”

Seven different RPlate banner message font styles are now available including Default, Chicle Regular, Graduate, Macondo, Nanum Pen and Cleo Script, with additional options to come. These fonts will add flair and distinctiveness to these messages, ensuring that the RPlate stands out on the road.

RPlate users can express themselves and showcase their creativity by tagging #RPlate on social media when featuring their personalized banner messages. In addition, users are invited to submit photos of personalized banner messages using the new font feature. The best photos will be shared on Reviver social media channels.

The RPlate is a license plate transformed into a connected vehicle platform for smart driving. It is available in two options: a battery-powered, self-installed model with a replaceable 5-year battery; and a hard-wired, professionally installed model with integrated location tracking features and a backlit display. Both devices offer a set of services including registration renewal and personalization features as well as security features such as easy reporting if stolen.

Consumers can learn more about and purchase the RPlate through

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Reviver™ is a technology company on a mission to modernize the driving experience. As developer of the world’s first digital license plate platform, Reviver products transform the license plate into a connected vehicle platform, enabling consumers and commercial businesses to digitize vehicle registration renewals and experience a growing set of personalization, convenience and safety features, all managed through a mobile or web app interface. Reviver digital license plates are legal for sale in Arizona, California, and Michigan, along with Texas for commercial fleet vehicles. Ten additional states are in various stages of adoption. Founded in 2009, Reviver is headquartered in Northern California. For more information, visit

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