Reviver™ Announces the Passage of Legislation to Authorize Digital License Plate Use in Colorado, Enabling Digital License Plate Sales Following State Implementation

July 6, 2022 — Press Release

Colorado Preview

Reviver products will soon be available for Colorado consumer and commercial business vehicles as the state becomes the fifth to authorize road use of digital license plate technology.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA – July 6, 2022Reviver, a technology company and developer of the digital license plate, today announced the passage of the Motor Vehicle Digital Number Plates bill (HB22-1162). The bill authorizes digital license plates to be used in place of metal license plates if the registration number and expiration date are visible from 100 feet away in the sunlight. The bill also allows the Department of Revenue to permit messaging and other functionality on digital plates, and prompts the Department, in consultation with Colorado State Patrol, to adopt rules for using digital license plates.

“We are incredibly proud to reach this important milestone as we look to expand access to Reviver’s products and make digital license plates available to vehicle owners in the great state of Colorado,” said Neville Boston, Reviver Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “Our mission is to transform vehicle ownership and registration into a more seamless and modern experience, and we can’t thank our many partners throughout the state – legislators, government representatives, transportation officials, and others – who have supported us on this journey and helped open the doors of opportunity in yet another state.”

Soon to be available in Colorado, The RPlate – Reviver’s consumer digital license plate product – offers two device options: a battery-powered, self-installed model with a replaceable 5-year battery available at $19.95/month; and a hard-wired, professionally installed model with integrated telematics features and a backlit display, at $24.95/month. Both devices offer users a new platform to connect their vehicle with a set of services including registration renewal, vehicle location services, and security features such as easily reporting it stolen.

Commercial fleet businesses in Colorado will soon be able to access digital license plates via RFleet, which combines the RPlate, a tamper-proof digital license plate device with integrated telematics capabilities, along with the RFleet Software Dashboard. RFleet offers a suite of features tailored to businesses managing vehicle fleets, including automated vehicle registration and compliance, as well as a robust set of telematics and safety features.

“As everything in automotive and society in general is going electronic, now so can your vehicle registration and license in the state of Colorado,” said Tim Jackson, President and CEO, Colorado Automobile Dealers Association. “To benefit both safety and convenience, the Colorado General Assembly teamed with Reviver to enable the most technologically advanced electronic license plate available anywhere, so it will soon be available for Colorado residents.”

“A digital option for license plates embraces Colorado’s innovative spirit,” stated Col. Matthew C. Packard, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol. “As this technology is implemented, we will be working together to ensure their deployment is in the best interest of public safety.”

Reviver’s digital license plates are currently legal for sale and DMV registration in California, Michigan, Arizona, and Texas for commercial fleet vehicles. More than 10 additional U.S. states are in various stages of adoption.

Reviver™ is a technology company on a mission to modernize the driving experience. As developer of the world’s first digital license plate platform, Reviver products transform the license plate into a connected vehicle platform, enabling consumers and commercial businesses to digitize vehicle registration renewals and experience a growing set of personalization, convenience, and safety features, all managed through a mobile or web app interface. Reviver’s digital license plates are legal for sale in Arizona, California, and Michigan, along with Texas for commercial fleet vehicles. Ten additional states are in various stages of adoption. Founded in 2009, Reviver is headquartered in Northern California. For more information, visit

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