Reviver™ Launches Battery Powered, Easily Installable Version of its Rplate™ Digital License Plate

October 6, 2020 — Press Release

GRANITE BAY, Calif.Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ReviverMX, Inc., developer of the world’s first digital license plate, today announced the release of a new, battery-powered, easily installable version of its Rplate™  digital license plate.

Powered by an internal lithium-ion battery, the new Rplate does not require wiring to the vehicle’s power source and can therefore be installed within minutes by the customer rather than an automotive professional. The lithium-ion battery has an estimated life of five years and can be easily replaced when necessary.

The new Rplate also has a sleeker and slimmer look and can be updated and managed from Reviver’s proprietary app via Bluetooth®.

As in the past, the Rplate offers a variety of personalization features that allow owners to change its background color and banner messages, automatically renew vehicle registration without the need for the usual stickers that come through the mail, and perform other Motor Vehicle Administration transactions online through Reviver’s proprietary platform.

“We are extremely excited about the launch of the new Rplate,” said Bob Wood, Reviver’s CEO. “Not only does it digitize the registration process, it reduces the need for stickers and reduces related registration-based paperwork. We couldn’t be happier with the Rplate, and we think our customers will feel the same.”

Reviver also offers the Rplate Pro™, which provides additional features including trip and mileage tracking, vehicle location service and various telematic and security features.

The Rplate and Rplate Pro can both be reviewed and purchased through Reviver’s website at as well as at several automobile dealerships in California to be announced in the near future.

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