Reviver™ Marks Addition of Lithia Motors Dealerships to Rapidly Growing Licensed Auto Dealer Reseller Network

November 9, 2023 — Press Release

Reviver™ has formed a partnership with automotive retail giant Lithia Motors, Inc. With this relationship, Reviver continues to be positioned as a leading expert and provider of digital solutions, as well as demonstrating fast-growing consumer demand for this new category of automotive technology.

Lithia ranks No. 1 on Automotive News’ list of the top 150 dealership groups based in the U.S., with retail sales of 271,596 new vehicles in 2022. The group has joined the Reviver Auto Dealer Reseller program to offer RPLATE digital license plates to customers at locations in California and Michigan, as part of the vehicle purchasing process and at in-store merchandise and accessories departments at Lithia dealerships.

“We are thrilled with the mutual growth and benefits we are seeing with our auto dealer partners. And welcoming Lithia Motors represents a significant enhancement to the program,” said Reviver Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Neville Boston. “Dealers are able to grow their revenue and excite their customers, while Reviver is able to get more digital license plates on the road, more quickly. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.”

The Reviver RPLATE digital license plate is an exciting new product that is enticing to dealership customers who appreciate technology and are seeking convenience in managing their vehicles. It also offers outstanding brand enhancement, incremental income and operational efficiencies for auto dealerships. For example, dealers can pre-install digital plates on their vehicles to utilize the plate as a billboard with a custom dealer logo and message. In addition, it can modernize how they manage temporary and test drive plates, while reducing the overhead of paperwork and stickers.

With DMV-approved, future-proof technology as well as proven ROI and efficiency standards, plus around-the-clock customer support, Reviver is able to offer unparalleled dealership support.

The Reviver digital license plate is a connected vehicle platform for smart driving that offers a revolutionary approach to vehicle identification and ownership. By replacing traditional static metal plates with intelligent, digital displays, drivers can experience a new integration of technology and automotive excellence. This advanced solution enables a multitude of benefits, enhancing both convenience and functionality.

Depending on the model, key features include personalized displays with custom messaging, location tracking, effortless registration renewal through a user-friendly mobile app, real-time alerts when the vehicle is moved, tamper-proof mounting, and robust anti-theft measures. Furthermore, these plates champion sustainability by eliminating the need for traditional metal plates, marking a significant stride toward a greener automotive future. Reviver offers both a battery-powered, user-installable model with a replaceable 5-year battery and a hard-wired, professionally installed version to cater to every driver’s preference.

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