Reviver™ to Support Arizona Educational Initiatives Through Rplate™ sales in Partnership with Madison Educational Foundation

February 24, 2021 — Press Release

GRANITE BAY, Calif.Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ReviverMX, Inc., developer of the world’s first digital license plate, the Rplate™, today announced that they have engaged in an agreement with Madison Education Foundation, LLC wherein Madison Education Foundation (MEF) will offer the Reviver™ Rplate for sale to help support the All in for Arizona Schools (AIFAS) initiative.

The AIFAS program is designed to support Title 1, first-year public school teachers, as well as to build out capacity in the classroom through the funding of mini-grants statewide.  Sales from the Rplate will aide in the advancement of related educational initiatives and support the mission of AIFAS.  In collaboration with the Arizona Community Foundation, MEF is responsible for the administration and distribution of these grants. The plates are available to all registered vehicle owners in Arizona and contribute to the next generation of big thinkers, go-getters and problem solvers.

MEF revenue from the associated specialty plates will serve K-8 students by helping to fund extraordinary activities, and projects or lessons for students. Reviver will work with MEF to also enable the Rplates to support various marketing campaigns to advance awareness and bring exposure to AIFAS initiatives planned to take place throughout the year.

“We look forward to working with the All in for Arizona Schools team at Madison Education Foundation on this project,” said Neville Boston, Founder & CSO for Reviver. “Education is fundamentally important to us all, and working with Madison Education Foundation to enable our plates to make a difference in this effort is hugely rewarding. Supporting education benefits us all.  It also aligns perfectly with Reviver’s social responsibility initiatives.”

The Madison Education Foundation’s mission is to enhance the arts district wide, impacting ALL students. MEF encourages teachers to expand their lesson plans and integrate the arts into their classroom, via any artistic medium (e.g.  animation, sculpture, photography, art history, film, dance, music, theater). “MEF grants money is available to enhance curricular projects that are not funded through regular school budgets,” said Brandi Carter, MEF board member. “Our fund-raising efforts are core to our cause. Keeping our programs funded ensures a brighter future for every one of the students we serve through them.  We are very pleased to have Reviver join us in this very important cause.” On November 26, 2019, MEF awarded over $10,000 in Arts in Education grants to Madison teachers. The largest amount awarded to date.  The program with Reviver is scheduled to launch on February 24, 2021.

Reviver’s Rplate and the more advanced Rplate Pro, are currently being sold for vehicles registered in California and Arizona and on commercial vehicles in Texas. Eleven other states are actively engaged in adopting Reviver plates. The company is currently selling Rplates through multiple channels including automotive dealerships, affinity groups such as Madison Education Foundation professional sports teams and college alumni associations, and small to medium-sized commercial fleets. Both products can be reviewed and purchased at

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