RFleet vs. Other Fleet Management Systems

July 19, 2022

Next generation Fleet Management systems offer a range of features that simplify and streamline your operations. There are many very capable platforms on the market today. None of them address the compliance and registration aspect of fleet management. Reviver RFleet is a first-rate fleet management system with online batch registration renewal, wireless tag updates, fleet telematics, and much more.

Automated Compliance is Here Now

The Reviver RFleet digital license plate will have an immediate impact on your bottom line. On average, fleet managers spend 8 hours / per vehicle / per year managing compliance services, digital plates can free up 75% of this time. For new vehicles, replacing temporary plates with new metal plates and 12 months later chasing that same vehicle all over again to place a sticky foil tag on the metal plate is time consuming.

Lost tags can be especially troublesome if you are managing multiple lots, or your drivers take their vehicles home each day. A lost tag requires someone to go to the DMV, complete paperwork and collect a replacement tag. The average cost of compliance fines and traffic violations is $500/vehicle/year with about 1% of a fleet falling into this category.

Keep your vehicles on the road

Stolen plates also cause huge problems for fleet managers. 4% of TLP (Temporary License Plates) are lost or stolen. Like dealing with lost tags, this requires someone to go to the DMV and complete the proper paperwork. This can lead to vehicles being out of service waiting for the appropriate compliance, resulting in lost productivity. RFleet eliminates this.

Other companies claim to offer registration renewal services, and they do, for an additional fee. This a manual process they will perform for your company, where they track renewals and handle the paperwork for vehicle registration. Meanwhile, it is still up to fleet managers to get the right tag on the right vehicle.

Online batch registration and wireless tag updates solve all these problems, for a fraction of the cost. The future is here, and its name is Reviver RFleet.

Remote Batch Renewal


Here’s what our customers have to say:

Customer Story: How Kevin Pottorff Transformed his Fleet

In this video, Kevin Pottorff explains how he is using RFleet’s built in fleet telematics with Geofencing for job costing. The ROI of the RFleet has been immediate. Compliance ROI has been dramatic as well. Most of his drivers take their vehicles home and head straight to the job the next day. Online batch registrations and wireless tag updates have helped him streamline operations and saved him more than a few headaches. 

Advanced Fleet Management Features

No other fleet telematics system offers this combination of features:

  1. Online Batch Registration Renewals
  2. Wireless Tag Updates
  3. Real-time location monitoring
  4. Geofencing with alerts for violations and other movements
  5. Trip and mileage tracking with alerts
  6. API integrates seamlessly with existing fleet management systems
  7. Safety & Stolen plate alerts
  8. Plate renewal alerts
  9. Arrival and departure alerts

The Reviver RFleet platform is already being used by some of the leading companies in the US. Request a demo for more information on how we can streamline your fleet operations today. Join our family of RFleet users and take advantage of the worlds most advanced fleet management platform.

Just a few of our current customers: