Understand your RPlate’s service plan.

What is an RPlate service plan?

Reviver uses connected services to enable RPlate’s features, such as: visual personalization like dark/light modes and banner messages* with custom font styles.

Service plans enable the ability to do the following:

  • Quickly renew your vehicle’s registration in-app
  • Digitally update the registration year on your RPlate
  • Display a STOLEN message on the RPlate if your vehicle is stolen
  • Service plans also enable location services and geofencing for wired RPlate users

What happens if I cancel my service plan?

Your RPlate does not need an active service plan to display your license plate number. However, you will not be able to utilize any personalization or compliance features as listed above. Without its connection to our platform, the registration year on the plate will not update.


How much do service plans cost?

60 days of services are included with your purchase of an RPlate from reviver.com. 

After that, service plans are as follows:

  • $8/month or $75/year for battery powered RPlates
  • $10/month or $95/year for wired RPlates

*Banner messages currently available in AZ and CA

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