The Next Big Thing in Vehicle Technology: Digital License Plates

February 2, 2024

It’s exciting to be on the cutting edge of technology, always going for the latest and greatest devices to help you live a fast-moving, convenient, and efficient life. But some aspects of tech seem to be stuck in time—one big example: is the license plate.

Every car component — from power steering to entertainment systems — always evolves, seeing big upgrades every few years. But the license plate is just a piece of metal stuck to the back and front of the vehicle. At least, that’s been the case until now.

After a century without notable changes, license plate technology has finally leaped. Digital license plates open up new possibilities for that piece of real estate on your vehicle. A well-constructed digital plate can revolutionize the registration process, gather data, transmit information, and serve as a highly customizable expression of your personality.

Be Forward-Thinking with Digital License Plates

Digital license plate technology isn’t just a visual upgrade for your car — though the plates’ sleek, customizable looks are a major plus. These plates, including the industry-pacing Reviver RPLATE, do what every valuable piece of digital tech seeks to accomplish. That is, they make your life easier.

When you have an RPLATE, potentially tedious tasks like registering your vehicle or renewing your registration are simplified and streamlined. This means you spend less time waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles and more time on the road, not considering fitting an extra obligation into your schedule.

Once your RPLATE is in place, you can personalize it with your choice of message and change your selection easily and remotely. If you’re using a digital plate for a business vehicle, there’s room to promote your brand — otherwise, you can simply express your personality.

As with any modern, connected tech device, RPLATEs can receive new features and functionality via firmware updates. Therefore, if you switch to digital now, you won’t be left behind in the years and months ahead as the RPLATEs take on new capabilities and further streamline the vehicle-ownership experience.

Next-Generation Features of Digital License Plates

While it’s exciting to think about what the next decade of digital license plate development will bring, you don’t have to wait for a firmware update to unlock exciting features — they’re already here.

Some of the specific capabilities of RPLATE include:

  • Registration renewal via app: What does it take to renew your vehicle’s registration? Using a digital license plate can be as easy as pressing a few buttons in a smartphone app and returning to your day.
  • Customization and personalization: By personalizing the message on your RPLATE and switching it between light and dark mode, you can make sure your plate fits in with the rest of your car’s look and broadcasts your interests.
  • Security: RPLATE has anti-tamper mounting, robust anti-theft features, and cloud communication.  You can even track your vehicle using the wired version of RPLATE’s built-in GPS features. This allows you to set alerts if your vehicle moves when it’s not supposed to. You can activate a custom “STOLEN” message to aid recovery if you report your vehicle stolen.
  • Easy installation, maintenance, and support: Installing an RPLATE is simple, whether you use a technician-installed option wired to your vehicle’s power source or a self-installed battery version. After that, round-the-clock support will deal with any questions.

If you take your RPLATE usage further, using these cutting-edge devices for work and fleet vehicles, the advantages only increase. Quick, hands-off registration for one personal car is a massive time-saver. Imagine these savings expanded to the scale of a whole professional vehicle fleet, and the benefits become apparent.

The Future: More Features, in More States

So, if digital license plates already represent a major upgrade over standard metal plates, what could be coming next? There are a few answers to that question, depending on whether you’re looking from a legal or a tech perspective:

Expansion to the New States

Digital license plates are approved state-by-state, with departments approving following a period of consideration by the state legislature. Colorado, Georgia, and Illinois are next in line to legalize digital license plate sales and use. Beyond that, legislation is working to bring the RPLATE to vehicles registered in Maryland, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

The RPLATE is available for purchase and DMV registration in Arizona, California, and Michigan. For drivers in these states, cars with the plates are legal to drive anywhere throughout the U.S.

The Addition of New Capabilities: 

An RPLATE packed with sending and receiving capabilities and a sharp display is an exciting canvas for developers to work with. New features are constantly in the works for these devices. For instance, custom messages featuring emojis are currently available in California, and in the works for other states.

Other functionalities receiving development attention include visual reminders about upcoming maintenance and public service messaging to warn fellow drivers of nearby accidents, weather warnings, amber alerts, and more. Plans are also underway to allow vehicle owners to use digital license plate transponders to pay parking fees or tolls.

Tomorrow’s Vehicle Tech Today

Acquiring an RPLATE now is a way to stake your claim as an early adopter of future technology. The plates, powered by ever-evolving firmware, are set to grow and evolve alongside your other devices, enabled by wireless updates.

Reviver has been at the forefront of the digital license plate revolution from the very beginning, and our technology has set the standard. Original equipment manufacturers are taking notice of this growing area. For example, Ford has made Reviver RPLATE an official part of its accessory catalog. That means even though digital plates feel like the future, they’ve already arrived.
If you’re the kind of driver who insists on having the latest and greatest in every part of your car, this is your moment to finally upgrade your license plate — for the first time in a century, there’s a new state-of-the-art. Learn more.