What’s the most overlooked challenge in Fleet Management?

June 2, 2022

Fleet management has come a long way from the days of managing routes and assignments on a clipboard and hoping there were no catastrophes during the day.

Contemporary GPS fleet management systems can track your fleet’s positions, estimated arrival times and a host of other features that streamline operations to make your day easier. While GPS fleet management has transformed fleet operations there is still one area of fleet management that remains painfully rooted in the past.

Comprehensive fleet management systems help with fleet compliance, up to a point. However, fleet managers still have only one way to manage fleet registrations and tags. It’s a manual process that has remained essentially unchanged over the last 70 years. Until now.

RFleet by Reviver has automated the fleet registration process. Bonafide, paperless batch fleet registrations are now available. No more lost tags or penalties for late registrations.  A completely automated process that combines Reviver’s advanced fleet management systems with digital license plates. Complete your online batch registrations through our fleet management system and your fleet registration tags will be updated automatically, in real time.

Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll be alerted whenever you have a registration renewal approaching from within Reviver RFleet’s Fleet Management Software
  • Within Reviver RFleet’s Fleet Management Software you can renew and pay via the online administration dashboard
  • Complete fleet wide batch registration renewal in a single transaction
  • The best part: Reviver RFleet completes the process by wirelessly updating your registration tags on any renewed vehicles via their digital license plate!

It couldn’t be easier! Subscribing to Reviver’s RFleet resolves one of the most overlooked challenges of fleet management: manual registrations and tag applications. Reviver RFleet is the only service to offer batch, paperless fleet compliance at your fingertips.

Reviver RFleet comes complete with a GPS fleet management tracking system as well as fleet management software.