Are Digital License Plates Ready for Prime Time?

June 28, 2022

Are Digital License Plates Ready for Prime Time

Digital License plates seem new and cool but are they ready for the demands that come with managing a fleet of hundreds or even thousands of vehicles? Metal license plates have been around for over 120 years. Is it worth the time and investment to switch?

Yes, and here’s why:
Fleet Vehicle Registration Compliance

The pandemic created a challenging time for fleet managers. While driver shortages and rising gas prices grab the headlines, there were other issues. State DMV’s closed or reduced operating hours making it harder to keep registration tags up to date. Over 40 states made significant changes to their procedures for vehicle registration during the pandemic. Processing that used to take 30 days can now take months. All of this is in addition to the challenges of manually processing registration renewals if your fleet is stored in more than one location. Reviver RFleet digital license plates can automate your fleet’s registration process and save you time and frustration. 

How does Bulk Registration Renewal Work?

All of your Reviver RPlate digital license plates are in the RFleet management system. When it comes time to renew your tags, you select the tags from the list that you want to update, and your renewals and payment is sent to the registration office electronically. When the renewals are processed, your tags are updated wirelessly without you needing to leave your office or send the stickers out to your drivers.

Your current registration sticker can be transferred to the Reviver RFleet system. There is no need to wait for tags to get close to expiring to make the switch.

This saves you time and cuts down on lost stickers in the mail or a driver forgetting to update their plate. You no longer must rely on others to do the updating, and you can rest assured that your vehicles are all compliant and current. 

Reviver RPlates and Reviver RFleet have the answers to your registration pain.

Are they Durable? Will they hold up?

Reviver RPlates have been in use for over four years and are used by large fleets like the City of Sacramento and Coca-Cola bottlers among others. Both businesses have multiple locations and hundreds of vehicles to manage. Reliability of the Reviver RPlates has been exceptional. Every plate comes with a protective cover that is virtually indestructible. Reviver RPlates are almost impossible to remove from the vehicle without a specialized tool. This is really “set it and forget it” technology.

All of our durable digital license plates come with:

  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Replacement insurance
  • Customer support 5/365
Are they Expensive?
GPS fleet tracking (telematics) and Fleet management software are traditionally offered  as a subscription service. Reviver RFleet has these capabilities plus batch registration and wireless tag updates.  Our pricing is in line with these older systems with these added benefits. Reviver RFleet seamlessly integrates with your existing fleet management systems making roll out of our digital license plates and systems easy to stage. You get more from us than just fleet management software and telematics; you get timesaving, innovative technology that makes your job easier. 

What if the digital license plate or the vehicle gets Stolen?

If your registration sticker or metal plate gets stolen, you must file with the DMV and wait for the state to replace it. That takes your vehicle out of commission until it is up to date.

The Reviver RPlate has GPS fleet tracking and has its own built-in alert system should it be removed from your vehicle. This makes the tags theft-resistant and useless to any thief that makes the effort.

In addition, should your vehicle get stolen, the built-in telematics will lead the police to your vehicle, speeding up recovery. You can also change the plate to say “Stolen” in the hopes that someone will alert the authorities.

It would certainly be easier for a thief to steal traditional metal plates and tags from your vehicle. Or swap a stolen plate onto a stolen vehicle to avoid detection.

Can my fleet drive out of state? Out of the country?

Our digital license plates are approved for over-the-road use nationwide and in Mexico and Canada. They are available for purchase in California, Arizona, Michigan, and now Texas for commercial fleets. We expect to be approved to sell our plates in all states by 2025. 

Reviver RFleet: Ready for Prime Time

Reviver RPlates with the RFleet system are durable, almost impossible to steal, and about the same monthly service fee as what you are already paying for telematics and Fleet management software. Why wouldn’t you make the switch?

Benefits of the Reviver RFleet Fleet Management System
  • Real-time GPS fleet tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Mileage alerts
  • Arrival and departure alerts
  • Registration renewal alerts

The Reviver RFleet management system delivers all the tools you need to keep your fleet under control and easy to manage. Your profits increase when you can optimize your routes efficiently and give your customers accurate delivery times, which helps cut down on negative feedback and increases customer satisfaction.

Are digital license plates ready for prime time? We think so, and we think you will too.

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