Step 1: Download Reviver™ app for complete control.

To download the app go to the Apple Store for your iPhone or the Google Play store for your android.


Step 2: Claim and Activate your new Rplate™

It all starts with activating your plate.

Next comes the option to express yourself, show off and turn heads while you’re at it. Unmistakably cool!

  • Create Reviver Account

    Create your Reviver account in the mobile app

  • Claim Your Rplate

    Simply scan serial number on the front top right of your plate and enter the email used to make the purchase of your Rplate

  • Activate

    Follow in app instructions to setup your Rplate. All you need is your latest registration card and picture of your license plate.

Step 3: Install Rplate

Our installation kit comes with a universal mounting bracket that bolts to your vehicle like a traditional plate. The Rplate attaches to the bracket, and two security screws keep the Rplate locked in place. Once installed, a quick activation of your plate through our app has you ready for the road with a distinctly cool look.

If you prefer, professional installation is available.

  • Rplate Installation

    The Rplate was designed to be owner installed, but if you’re just too busy we are ready to help. You can download the Rplate installation guide, or schedule an installation for your Rplate at 1-866-477-5283

Download Installation Guide