Indispensable Fleet Management Software Features 

June 16, 2022

If your fleet management software does not let you create a GPS boundary around your fleet or do batch renewals on your license plates, you might have the wrong software system. Software that works for you will streamline your job, making you more productive. 

The Reviver RFleet system is built to take the burden off of you by handling all of your fleet challenges. It can set up a GPS boundary, offer real-time tracking, and deliver safety alerts, as well as offer an easy renewal of your fleet registration tags with one click of a button. It is a serious fleet management system for companies with a lot of trucks and vehicles to track. 

Here are some things to consider when choosing your fleet management software. 


How Fleet Management Software Can Help You 

Selecting the best software involves ensuring you get the features you need to streamline your fleet management process. Consider features such as GPS, route performance, and maintenance and safety.


Geofencing Tracker 

You already know how fleet telematics (GPS) tracking systems are essential to streamlining operations, but live tracking lets you react quickly to potential problems before your drivers are delayed. 

Reviver RFleet gives you a clear picture of what is going on at all times with your fleet. By zeroing in on real-time location tracking, you can find and correct route problems that cost you money and time.  You can also accurately tell customers when they can expect their shipments. 

Route Performance 

By optimizing your routes, you save money on fuel by eliminating unnecessary side trips and idling trucks, which helps you better forecast expenses and reduce costs. It also helps to improve delivery time and increase customer satisfaction. 

Route optimizations allow you the flexibility to increase your jobs without increasing your paperwork, as well as putting the right driver on the job for maximum performance. 


Online Batch Registration  

When you have raw data in your hands, you can execute fact-based decisions that affect maintenance and safety. 

Live tracking allows you to monitor miles driven, so your drivers are compliant with the Hours of Service regulations, as well as help you determine when to schedule the next service appointment, which will help eliminate the chance of a breakdown or other costly repairs. 

With a good vehicle fleet management system and live GPS tracking, you can reduce safety risks by removing drivers who drive aggressively or wander in and out of their assigned route. Reducing aggressive driving reduces the risk of accidents that can increase your insurance rates. It also helps you monitor new drivers’ performance. 

Geofencing uses GPS to set boundaries around routes. Should the driver veer out of it, you will receive an instant alert. 

A Missing Key in Today’s Fleet Management Systems 

Most of today’s vehicle fleet management systems are effective when it comes to making your job easier, but they are lacking in one key feature that saves you time and money. 

At Reviver RFleet, we offer online batch registrations with real-time tag updates through our RPlate service. We have pioneered the development of the world’s first digital license plate and connected fleet management system on the market today.  

Just think about how much easier your job would be if you could update all of your registrations at one time and on one screen. Then, all of the tags are wirelessly updated without the need for you to leave your office or send out registrations to your satellite offices to place on the vehicles. Batch registration is particularly time-saving if you have multiple offices and numerous vehicles spread out over a large area. 

RPlate cuts down on lost and stolen plates, too. It is estimated that 33 percent of the tags are lost during renewal, and 22 percent are lost from the vehicle itself. With our RPlate service, if the plate is off of your vehicle for any reason, you are alerted through your Reviver RFleet system, and you can report it stolen immediately. The system puts the tag into STOLEN mode and renders it useless to the thief. GPS tracking helps authorities find the lost plate quickly. 


How to Choose the Best Fleet Management Software for Your Business

There are numerous truck fleet management system products on the market, so you have to decide which product will work the best for your company. In addition to these features, there are other things you may want to consider, like how easy it is to use and whether it integrates with any of your third-party tools. Reviver RFleet is easy to use and integrates seamlessly. 


Data Reports 

Reviver RFleet offers a variety of reports that give you insight into the health of your fleet so that the vehicles and trucks are safe on the road. In addition to reports, we provide alerts for: 

  • Service needed 
  • Mileage alert 
  • Registration renewal alerts 
  • Arrival and departure alerts 
  • Out of bounds drivers 
  • Stolen license plates 



Will the truck vehicle management software grow with your business, or does it have the potential for future features like parking and tolling RFID capabilities or live road reporting regarding bumps, high-speed areas, or dangerous conditions? We do. 


Registration Batch Renewal 

Only Reviver RFleet offers a batch renewal system that updates your RPlates quickly and efficiently. Whether you have one truck or a thousand trucks, one push of a button renews and updates all your plates. 

At Reviver RFleet, we provide you with all of the tools you need to successfully manage and monitor your fleet, even if they are in various locations. In addition, we help you reduce paperwork and ease costs when it comes to maintaining your vehicles, and we offer 7/365 support because your job does not stop at an 8-hour day.  

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