Reviver™ Introduces Commercial Fleet Management Product RFleet

February 22, 2022 — Press Release

RFleet Announcement

New offering extends digital license plate technology into the commercial fleet market, enabling centralized, fully-digital registration renewal and eliminating physical tags for vehicle fleets.

GRANITE BAY, CA – FEBRUARY 22, 2022 – Reviver, a technology company and developer of the digital license plate, has introduced RFleet, a bundling of its digital license plate hardware with a software interface purpose-built to streamline management of vehicle fleets for commercial businesses. RFleet is currently available for purchase by commercial businesses in Arizona, California, and Michigan, with Texas soon to follow.

RFleet combines the RPlate, a tamper-proof digital license plate device with integrated telematics capabilities, along with the RFleet Software Dashboard. RFleet offers a suite of services, including automated vehicle registration and compliance, as well as a robust set of telematics and safety features. RFleet is the only fully-digital registration renewal solution on the market. It eliminates physical tags and stickers and enables fleet managers to conduct centralized vehicle registration renewal of their entire fleet. In addition, a unique batch registration renewal feature offers fleet-wide registration in a single transaction, with digital tags auto-updating on all vehicles.

“Vehicle fleets are one of the biggest capital investments that many companies make, and they are notoriously difficult and time-consuming to manage,” said Neville Boston, Reviver co-founder. “We are thrilled that through our efforts to build a connected vehicle platform via the digital license plate, we’ve been able to develop features that are proving to be tremendously valuable to fleet owners and managers. They are just thrilled to never have to manage the inefficiencies of physical plate stickers ever again.”

Additional RFleet features include integrated telematics, which provides real-time vehicle tracking, geofencing, trip logging, speeding alerts, and more. RFleet offers unique safety alert features, including STOLEN Mode with GPS tracking and the ability to report a vehicle stolen through the dashboard. Further, the interface integrates seamlessly with existing fleet management systems, such as enterprise telematics systems, allowing easy integration of RFleet’s best-in-class fleet compliance features.

RFleet is already in use by dozens of early adopter customers across a broad set of industries, including logistics providers, municipal fleets, food and beverage delivery fleets, heavy equipment installers, and more.

“Reviver’s RFleet product has really helped me in streamlining operations,” said Skylar Lempinen, CEO of logistics fleet company Freedom Logistics. “Keeping on top of all our vehicle registrations and renewals can be a constant hassle. With RFleet, I’m now able to not only have instant visibility into where all of our vehicles are located, but also be certain they’re in full compliance at all times. The time and money savings are real.”

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Reviver™ is a technology company on a mission to modernize the driving experience. As developer of the world’s first digital license plate platform, Reviver products transform the license plate into a connected vehicle platform enabling users to digitize their vehicle registration renewals and experience a growing set of personalization, convenience, and safety features, all managed through a mobile or web app interface. Reviver’s digital license plates are legal for sale in Arizona, California, and Michigan. Ten additional states are in various stages of adoption. Founded in 2009, Reviver is headquartered in Northern California. For more information, visit


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