Introducing the new Rplate

Slim, sleek and extremely cool, our newest digital license plate, the Rplate is waiting to connect you and your vehicle to the 21st century - and turn a few heads along the way.


Cool is the rule.

Rplate's freedom of expression sets your vehicle apart with a new level of cool. From banner messages, to color changes, and more - your Rplate becomes an extension of you.


Keeping it simple.

Easy installation. Extremely intuitive controls. The Rplate is designed to provide a finishing and intelligent touch to every vehicle. Try it and see for yourself.



When you're the first of your kind, you're in a class of your own. We are working hard at redefining the one part of your vehicle that has been untouched in more than 125 years. From the feedback we get, our customers are glad we're doing it.


Step up to the plates.

The world's first digital license plates, the Rplate and the Rplate Pro transform vehicles through a suite of expressive and practical features that leave industrial-age stamped metal plates in the dust.


Built for the trip and functionally cool. Express yourself and update your registration remotely. No paper, no stickers, no problem - you're licensed to chill.


Rplate Pro

Wired for fun with a business attitude. Freedom of expression with a suite of telematics to manage and monitor your vehicles when you're not the driver.


Smart phone meets smart plate.

Our proprietary platform and app immediately connects you to greater efficiencies of vehicle ownership, delivers personalization and communication features while providing an on ramp to the future of connected vehicles.

With two models to choose from, more features are just ahead.


Just another startup from a garage in California.

Charting a course has to begin somewhere. In California the garage has been a great launching pad for game changing technology products. Reviver is no exception. The difference is ours come back to the garage at the end of the day.


Street legal nationwide.

Approved to sell in California and Arizona, Rplates issued in these two states are street legal for travel across the country. Reviver is working with state motor vehicle administrations nationwide; most are in various stages of adoption of the world’s first digital license plate.


Artistic license starting at $17.95/mo.

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Every picture tells a story.

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Watch what we do next.

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