Arizona: Digital license plates are here.

Arizona citizens are known to be trailblazers and free thinkers. The freedoms of our vehicles and how we travel the open road are no exception. Now, Arizona drivers can enjoy a new level of control and expression with their own digital license plate.


Fully-Approved by AZ DOT

Digital license plates are now available for registered vehicles in Arizona!

Digital plates may only be displayed on an ADOT-approved digital license plate display device. Currently, Reviver is the only approved digital place vendor. The motor vehicle division will continue to assign driver’s license plate numbers. These plate characters are constantly displayed on the device.

The plate is authorized by ADOT, but the display devices must be purchased through participating resellers or the plate manufacturer.

Policy Directive 17.7,1: Digital License Plates for Every Arizona Driver

Arizona digital license plate display devices must be visible at all times, including while the vehicle is parked or turned off and the letters and numbers on the digital license plate must be of sufficient size to be plainly readable during daylight hours from a distance of 100 feet. 

Digital license plate display devices must be visible at night and must not obstruct the vehicles equipped illumination light or must contain an internal light source. 

The digital license plate display device must be manufactured, issued, and displayed in compliance with current statute, administrative rule and Division policy on issuing license plates. 

Learn more about the specifics of the Arizona digital license plate program as outlined by the AZ DOT. 

Digital Plates on the AZ Roads

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