Arizona: Digital license plates are here.

Arizona citizens are known to be trailblazers with a pioneering spirit. The freedoms of our vehicles and how we travel the open road are no exception. Now, Arizona drivers can enjoy a new level of control and expression with their own digital license plate.

RPlate Features in Arizona

Feature overview for RPlate digital license plates in Arizona

In-App Registration Renewal

Complete your vehicle registration renewal with a few clicks of your smartphone.

  • Streamlined Vehicle Registration
  • No more physical tags
  • Instant processing with reminders leading up to due date
Visual Personalization

Stand out from the pack. Express yourself.

  • Switch between light or dark mode
  • Personalize your banner message with custom text and font selection.
  • Support for many vanity characters and specialty plates. Learn more.
Digital license plate on Simon Cellard's golden tesla in Arizona - Reviver
Safety & Telematics*

Experience peace of mind. Keep your vehicles and assets in constant view, anywhere, anytime.

  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Receive instant alerts if vehicle moves
  • Report it stolen trough mobile app


*Wired RPlate only

Easy Install & Maintenance

Stand out from the pack. Express yourself.

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 7/365 customer support
  • Simple installation for battery RPlate. Professional installation required for Wired version. Click here to learn more.
Digital license plate on Simon Cellard's golden tesla in Arizona - Reviver

Arizona FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about RPlate digital license plates in Arizona

Policy Directive: Digital License Plates for Every Arizona Driver

This enables all vehicle owners in Arizona to utilize Reviver’s suite of products as alternatives to conventional license plates, stickers, tabs, and registration cards issued by the ADOT. Click here to learn more about the digital license plate program in Arizona.

Get reminders and renew your vehicle registration easily with the Reviver app. 75 days before expiration, you’ll receive an alert to renew. In the app, a status button will guide you through the process and you can pay directly.

For Arizona vehicles, if emissions testing is required, the test must be passed successfully before registration renewal can be completed. Upon successfully passing the emissions test, results are reported electronically to ADOT, and users can proceed to complete the renewal process. Depending on what ADOT reports for your vehicle, you may be eligible for a registration cycle of one, two, or five years. Visit the ADOT website for more information.

If you would like to change the number on your license plate (to a vanity plate, for example), start by going through the appropriate process to get a new plate and number directly with the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Once the new license plate number is issued by the state, you can follow these instructions to change/update the number on your RPlate.

If you have a vehicle registered in Arizona, you can select from the collection of ADOT-approved banner messages.

Custom banner messages are still in development for Arizona consumers. Sign up below for updates on everything pertaining to digital license plates in Arizona.

The registration expiration date is not shown on digital plate displays. Under the plate characters will be a banner that reads “invalid” if the registration has expired. 

Law enforcement is aware that registration expiration dates are not digitally displayed since ADOT and law enforcement worked with Reviver to develop the manner digital license plates are shown. For information on the expiration date, consult your registration.

The RPlate Limited Lifetime Warranty lasts for the duration of its Expected Service Life as long as: 

• The RPlate is attached to the owner’s vehicle, which is registered with Reviver in the owner’s name, and 

• The owner has continued to maintain a Reviver Service Plan for the RPlate since the original installation. 

Click here to for more information.

User-controlled data security and privacy is core to Reviver’s mission. The RPlate and platform security protocol system makes sure that user data is safeguarded and kept private. The RPlate digital license plates don’t store any user data at the street level, so if the plate is lost or stolen, the owner’s private information is not at risk. Fully encrypted communications between the RPlate and the cloud provide an additional level of security for user data.

Furthermore, seamless encrypted over-the-air updates contribute to the preservation of user data security and privacy. These updates are carried out automatically, ensuring that the system is always up to date with the most recent security precautions.

Click here to learn more.

Currently, it is not possible to purchase an RPlate for the front of your vehicle. The brackets used to affix RPlates are designed exclusively for the back of automobiles. 

Please note that Arizona does not require a front plate.

We are not manufacturing RPlates designed for motorcycles—yet! While Reviver is currently focused on developing models of RPlates designed exclusively for automobiles, this doesn’t mean that motorcycle RPlates are out of the question. While we don’t have a time estimation, they will be available in the future.

For additional questions, please reach out to us at or visit our knowledge base.

Fully-Approved by AZ DOT

Digital plates may only be displayed on an ADOT-approved digital license plate display device. Currently, Reviver is the only approved digital place vendor. The motor vehicle division will continue to assign driver’s license plate numbers. These plate characters are constantly displayed on the device.

The plate is authorized by ADOT, but the display devices must be purchased through participating resellers or the plate manufacturer.

Digital Plates on the AZ Roads

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