Reviver™ Digital License Plates Now Widely Available in Arizona

March 8, 2023 — Press Release

Consumer and commercial vehicle business owners are able to purchase Reviver products in Arizona, representing the fourth state that authorizes road use of digital license plate technology

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA – March 08, 2023Reviver, a technology company and developer of the digital license plate, announced today that its suite of products is officially for sale to all vehicle owners in the state of Arizona. As a result of ADOT’s proactive interest in innovative mobility solutions and Reviver’s compliance with state requirements, consumers and commercial businesses in Arizona can utilize Reviver’s digital license plate products, as well as access a growing number of convenience and security features delivered via the digital plate. Reviver’s digital license plates are fully approved for purchase in Arizona and legal for Arizona residents to drive throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. 

“We are incredibly proud to be able to bring our digital license plates to Arizona,” said Neville Boston, Reviver Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “Having the support of local decision makers has been imperative to the growth of our product and we can’t thank them enough for helping us secure Arizona as the fourth official state to offer our product. We strongly believe that we have the ability to make the future of technology more seamless, and this announcement represents a major milestone in our journey.”

“The Digital License Plate is a huge step forward in a product that hasn’t seen this much innovation since its inception,” said Eric Jorgensen, Motor Vehicle Director, ADOT. “Real time changes to plate status and appearance enhance our ability to achieve our compliance objectives while providing our customers with options, both for plate appearance and for service delivery. The potential efficiencies are significant.”

The RPlate – Reviver’s consumer digital license plate product – offers two device options: a battery-powered, self-installed model with a replaceable 5-year battery available at $19.95/month; and a hard-wired, professionally installed model with integrated telematics features and a backlit display, at $24.95/month. Both devices offer users a new platform to connect their vehicle with a set of services including registration renewal, vehicle location services, and security features such as easily reporting it stolen.  Additionally, Arizona businesses are now able to utilize Reviver’s RFleet product, which bundles the RPlate digital license plate device with the RFleet software dashboard, offering a suite of features tailored to the needs of commercial vehicle fleet managers. 

Reviver also has a number of additional features that are currently in development and set to launch throughout the near future, including fully customizable banner messages, the ability to utilize the license plate as a virtual wallet and as a parking meter, and streamlined digital tolling capabilities that will be available nationwide.

Consumers can purchase the RPlate directly through, as well as through a growing network of Reviver auto dealer partner locations in Arizona. Monthly and discounted annual payment plans are available.

Reviver’s digital license plates are currently legal for sale and DMV registration in California, Michigan, Texas, and Arizona. Additional U.S. states are in various stages of adoption. 


Reviver™ is a technology company on a mission to modernize the driving experience. As developer of the world’s first digital license plate platform, Reviver products transform the license plate into a connected vehicle platform, enabling consumers and commercial businesses to digitize vehicle registration renewals and experience a growing set of personalization, convenience, and safety features, all managed through a mobile or web app interface. Reviver’s digital license plates are legal for sale in Arizona, California, and Michigan, along with Texas for commercial fleet vehicles. Ten additional states are in various stages of adoption. Founded in 2009, Reviver is headquartered in Northern California. For more information, visit

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