Reviver Rplate Digital License Plates to be Sold to Alumni and Supporters of Arizona State University

March 4, 2021 — Press Release

GRANITE BAY, CA, March 4, 2021 – ReviverMX, Inc., developer of the world’s first digital license plate, today announced that its RplateTM will be offered by Arizona State University (ASU) to its members.

According to the agreement, ReviverTM will supply ASU with various designs of Rplates, each capable of changing background colors, and displaying Arizona Department of Traffic (ADOT)-approved, ASU-tuned banner messages.

ASU has over 500,000 alumni worldwide, of which more than 300,000 reside in California and Arizona, the two states in which the Rplate is currently cleared for sale.  Penetration of ASU-themed metal plate sales to Arizona-based alumni has been approximately 10% – 11% to date.

“We are excited to be offering the Rplate to our alumni.” said ASU Assistant Vice President, Martha Byrd. “With their many ASU-tuned features, Rplates will extend our reach to California alumni and provide a visually compelling alternative to the metal plates we typically offer Arizona-based alumni – and a great way for our members to express their affinity with their alma mater.”

Neville Boston, Founder and chief strategy officer for Reviver, added, “We began selling Rplates in Arizona in 2019 and are very excited to now offer these special ASU-themed Rplates to alumni members. With more than 50,000 ASU alumni in California, their reach to alumni for ASU-themed plates will grow as adoption of our DLP’s advances nationally.”

“In addition to being the most efficient time-and-hassle-saving tool for vehicle owners,” Boston added, “Rplates are perfect customizable platforms for displaying warmth and loyalty. We look forward to establishing additional agreements of this type in the future.”

The basic Reviver Rplate can renew registration electronically without the need for stickers and most other DMV paperwork, and can be customized to create various background colors and banner messages. Reviver’s Rplate Pro adds several telematic features including trip and mileage tracking, and the ability to display stolen and amber alerts, tell you where you left your car, and if anyone has driven it outside of a preselected radius. Both plates are linked to Reviver’s secure server and easily managed through a simple encrypted app.

Reviver’s Rplate and Rplate Pro are being sold in California and Arizona and are legal for driving across all 50 states. Eleven additional states are actively engaged in various stages of the adoption process.

Both products can also be reviewed and purchased through Reviver’s website at

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